Carla Rebelo

Carla Rebelo (b. 1994, Sao Tome and Principe) tries to reimagine geopolitical boundaries from an emotional and metaphysical perspective, as a way to reclaim agency in the vital connection between place and self. 

Through photography, video and text, a keen interest in the process of identity construction has always been an underlying driver of her artistic practice. Carla describes her projects as by-products of a personal quest for meaning and control over her own narrative. 

Contact Details:

Barcelona, Spain

Lisbon, Portugal



2022 | Hardboiled Wonderland, Festival du Livre Jeunesse, Saint Esprit (Martinique)

2021 | Reframing History, PhotoVogue Festival, Milan (Italy)

2020 | Dissident Planets - Online Exhibition – AOJE / Catchupa Factory

2020 | Family Matters, Catchupa Factory, Santo Antão (Cabo Verde)

2020 | Family Matters,  Catchupa Factory, Maputo (Mozambique)


2020| Family Matters - Catchupa Factory

2019| Zist Magazine  #21 - Le Sentiment

2019| Zist Magazine #10 - Le Futur

2019| Zist Magazine #2 - Dire et Montrer

2018| Perspectives Magazine - CP Travels

Artist Residencies

2017| Catchupa Factory Residency for New Photographers, Mindelo


2023-2024 | Photographic Narrative and Final Formats - El Observatorio, Barcelona (Spain)

2018-2019 | Photographic Language - El Observatorio, Barcelona (Spain)


2017 |  Water for Islands Photography Competition, United Nations - Winner

2016 |  Today for the Future Photography Competition, United Nations São Tomé and Principe - Winner

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